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Requirements to be a distribuidor

In Francecuisines.com we are looking for people with personal and career qualities that are aligned with our business strategy:

  • With or without experience in the kitchen world. If you have it, great. If you do not have it, we will support you in your daily work.
  • With the capacity to face new challenges. Because continuously everything is changing and so do we.
  • With the capacity to develop teamwork. We are many and all of us learn about what happens in our environment.
  • People willing to constantly comunicate and for that we have a new universe at our reach: the internet and the social networks.

We need a suitable space, and a minimun investment that will give the distributor the right and support in aspects such as:

  • Software and informatic applications.
  • Merchandise elements for the store accommodation .
  • Web support.
  • Marketing digital pack.
  • Publicitary diffusion in the national mass media.
  • Support in local marketing campaigns.


  • 1. Assistance, supervision and improvement. You will have at your disposal our team of proffesional experts that will resolve all your doubts. Our department will be responsible of coordinating you all.
  • 2. Training We will help you in your training and you will develop proffesionally day after day in all the business management areas.
  • 3. Marketing and communication. PCampaign planning. The distributor will benefit from all the campaigns that will be made from the headquarters as well as from the francecuisines.com network that generates each town.
  • 4. Geo-positioning and web customers redirection. The geo-positioning of every store and the diversion of the sales that will be done on the internet, will be redirected to closest store.

All our distributors must feel confident and satisfied with the business. To this end we place at your disposal, from the headquarters, a team of proffesional experts that will solve your daily doubts and consultations from the beginning, in order to make the sales point management of Francecuisines.com always succesfull.


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